Клип Phora - Reflections

Клип Phora - Reflections

Phora Reflections
Phora Reflections
Phora Reflections

Текст Песни Phora - Reflections


[Verse 1:]
Well, I know what its like to feel alone
I know what its like to have the closest person to you gone
I see myself in you
I see myself in the man on the corner, told his story
All these things I never knew, but is it true?
That everybody needs somebody else
Don't you ever feel disgusted when you look at yourself
Like somethings wrong with ya
Shit and you just wanna change it
No matter whether you pretty, rich, broke or famous
We all got something to hide
We all got something inside of us that's
gon be with us till we die
So get right with yourself or live stuck in a lie
I'm running from time, I'm running from time, shit
I don't wanna be rich, I just want enough to provide
For my family and every person that's stuck to my side
I'm wondering why, shit I've had enough of the lies
None of it feels real anymore, its just a mirage
Just a mirage, what's love if it doesn't last an eternity
And what's peace if they contemplating on burning me
And what's the purpose of living life in a struggle
Making mistakes, tryna make em right if my child 
doesn't learn from me

I know what it feels like
Yeah I know what it feels like to be all alone, all alone
She said they don't know what it feels like
They don't know what it feels like
That's where you're wrong, that's where you're wrong
Cause I know

[Verse 2:]
I met this girl, she thought the world was against her
She was going through a lot and her mama just left her
She told me, I ain't got nothing left
I got no choice but leaving this world
As you can see I had a seat with this girl
She told me, her man don't love her, her pops was never there
She'd been used her whole life, no one to wipe her tears
No guardian angel, she just washing her pain away with the bottle
Hoping that she doesn't make it tomorrow
She had an abortion
It left her mentally scared for the rest of her life
At the same time she felt it was right
Said she can't provide for a kid, she just some girl
She ain't wanna bring a child into this fucked up world
She tried to keep it on the low down
Only one she told was her best friend
That turned on her, the whole school knows now
Started getting angry saying what do I do
Where do I go, you don't feel my pain so how could you know
Shit I didn't know what to say, I was at a loss for words
Took a deep breath and I started to talk to her
Said words don't make you who you are, nah your actions do
Yeah I see em point their fingers, see em laugh at you
I see em glad that you walk around with your head down
Nobody next to you
Just remember there's nothing you have to prove
Nothing you have to do to make them see you different kid
Cause they don't see the truth behind 
them eyes that you was gifted with
Trust me, even when you feel alone, you really not 
I promise you
But sometimes all you really got is you
Well shit, that's really all you need
See I see myself in you, I hope you find yourself through me
One love

клип Phora Reflections

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Phora Reflections
Phora Reflections
Phora Reflections
Phora Reflections
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