Клип Phora - My Story

Клип Phora - My Story

Phora My Story
Phora My Story
Phora My Story

Текст Песни Phora - My Story

"My Story"

Yeah. This is for anyone who's ever had a broken dream
or a fucked up childhood. Never lose hope.

See I was raised by a single mother,
no father figure, no sister, never had a brother.
Never had another man teach me how to be one.
Yeah, momma had a man but he was never calling me son.
And even if he did, yo I would never take it serious.
Cause people say they love me, but it's funny,
cause I don't think they know what love really is.
Cause love ain't when you hurt a person,
love ain't avoiding a problem, you should be getting involved.
Love ain't when you pick somebody up by the neck
and you grab his head and you slam it right into the wall.

I was a trouble kid in school so I just kept to myself.
Psychologists ordered me medicine, it never did help (nah).
Cause every time I took it I was never myself.
I wasn't G, I never had it strapped next to my belt.
Just a regular kid that never joined a sports team
and every time I'd tried to talk to a girl she'd ignore me.
I started hanging round stupid kids and broke a few laws.
Had a few problems, painted a few walls.
But one day, something happened that changed my life forever,
something that I'll always remember.
I said one day, something happened that changed my life forever,
something that I'll always remember. Check.

I was walking home after school with two friends from my class,
and then I see a sketchy face walk past.
But at the time I didn't think of it much
cause round here there's always sketchy cats, tweakers and such.
So I just kept walking til I got to King's Drive,
then seen a bunch of motherfuckers giving me the stink eye.
They started surrounding me, stopped me in my place.
And right outside the circle I seen a familiar face,
a cat that I used to be tight with.
Never had no problems with him,
but I guess he's smoking some nice shit.
He came right towards me.
I said, "Fuck it, then fine. Let's catch a fair one."
Then caught a cheap shot from behind.
I ran, they tripped me and caught me and stomped me and kicked me.
Kicks to my face, punches to my ribs and my kidneys.

Then what happened next, you just might not believe,
but everybody scattered I was trying to breathe.
Students, parents, and teachers there watching me bleed,
but nobody did shit, I was watching them leave
as I was dying, bleeding, losing my conscious.
Flashed back to reminders 
of things that I've never accomplished.
Everything turned white, 
then everything was fine.
No more worries, nothing on my mind.
No pain, no nothing, I guess it was my time.
Then my whole life flashed right in front of my eyes
but all of the sudden I snapped back to reality.
Took a look around but no ambulance was surrounding me.
Guess this is how it ends, huh?
I guess this is what my momma meant
when she said watch your friends, huh?
Guess I should have listened, but now it's too late.
Taking my last breath getting closer to my fate 
(getting closer to my fate).

And right when I felt I was good with dying,
a voice in my head said, "Don't stop, keep trying."
So I got my ass up, walked to school and dialed nine-one-one.
True story, fuck what you think you could do for me.
Fifteen years old, just another victim.
Just another kid that would end up dead or in prison.
Got to the hospital, the doctor said they don't know if I'ma live.
Immediate surgery tube through my ribs.
I could barely breathe, I was bleeding out.
That's when I met God, yeah I can see him now.
With a collapsed lung and two stab wounds,
I'm losing blood quick but I ain't going out soon.

Everybody left but I had strength in myself.
I'ma be ight, that's what I say to myself.
Yeah, and sure enough I kept on breathing.
Almost paralyzed for the next three weekends.
Private numbers calling, death threats to my family.
Even named my little sis so how can you be mad at me
when I told you that I fear for our safety,
cause no street cred is worth my momma's place, G.
They asked me who it was and I let em know.
I ain't ashamed of my choice and I don't regret it yo.
Cause truth is, I don't follow no one's rules.
I do what I feel's right, I ain't no one's mule.
The whole thing was recorded and put up online
but you should know, if you can't do the time, don't do the crime.
See I ain't no G, just a man with a passion,
but I always took responsibility for my actions.

I never hurt a soul in my life, I'm a family man.
Always kept my word, so tell me how bad of a man I am.
Cause when it comes down to it, all you got is you.
And we all gotta survive, do what you gotta do.

Fifteen years old, left in the dust.
The world taught me never to love and never to trust, nah.
But now I know my purpose, now I know what I'm here for.
Now I know what I've been waiting all these years for.
Fifteen years old, left in the dust.
The world taught me never to love and never to trust, nah.
But now I know my purpose, now I know what I'm here for.
Now I know why I've been waiting all these years.

Yours truly. 

клип Phora My Story

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Phora My Story
Phora My Story
Phora My Story
Phora My Story
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