Клип Phora - No Other Way

Клип Phora - No Other Way

Phora No Other Way
Phora No Other Way
Phora No Other Way

Текст Песни Phora - No Other Way

"No Other Way"

I never fucked anybody over in my life.
All I have in this world is my boss and my word,
and I don't break em for nobody.
What you think now, huh?
What you think, I'm a worm like fuckin you?
My thoughts are right, my thoughts are.
Don't fuck with me.

How you call your people family, 
but you ain't got no loyalty?
How you say you feature peops but 
you keep all the royalties?
Then never break bread with a nigga, bread with a nigga.
Remember what I said to you now, 
I'm dead to you niggas.

Smith and Wesson aimed at my head, 
a clip full of bullets.
All that talk about guns on my family, you wouldn't pull it.
Ain't got the balls to do it, yours truly bitch with a movement.
Who's this motherfucker actin stupid, talkin like he roofless.
Foolish niggas got it twisted, you can't swim with the sharks.
You better swim with the fishes, nigga, just play your part.
Play your position smart, soldier.
And if you were smart you would quit and sit in the dark.
I see a bitch in your heart, you missin a spark.
Me, I got that fluid to your lighter.

Okay, I'll drop the track now, you faggots sound like biters.
You takin his style, you takin his flow.
You even take the same beat and fuckin named it Control.
You ain't original, nigga, you ain't makin no dough.
I know you never heard a soul chant your name at a show.
I know it hurts little bro, but I'm the one you could look up to.
I'll show you how to rock the mic and make these ladies love you.
You could be just like me G, just wait until your balls drop.
Nigga's all talk, they bout as pussy as a mall cop.
Comin for these rappers so you best protect your neck.
Wanna be gangstas are throwin hood's but never rap a set.
Mo'fuckers aren't a threat, it's YT to the death.
You're next, motherfucker. Steady reppin the west.

I should have stopped you in your steps the second you test.
Nevertheless, I always pay respect to the vets.
Rest in peace Big and Pac. Is there heaven for these rappers?
I'm bout to murder them all out. I'll ready all of they caskets.
I'm laughin and niggas askin what happened.
Can you imagine that last look upon they face
when I slay these cats with a passion?
All that barkin ain't scarin a nigga.
And I heard your last track, goddamn, that was embarrassing nigga.
Yeah we, here for the take in hip-hop's next generation.
Y'all motherfuckers better hide in your basement, nigga we back, blat.

клип Phora No Other Way

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Phora No Other Way
Phora No Other Way
Phora No Other Way
Phora No Other Way
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