Клип K Michelle - Half Of It

K Michelle - Half Of It

K Michelle Half Of It
K Michelle Half Of It
K Michelle Half Of It

Текст Песни K Michelle - Half Of It

Saw me on the television
Actin’ up and slappin’ bitches
And I ain’t proud of how I’ve been livin
I pray to Lord my soul’s forgiven

I can’t handle my liquor, why the hell I’m drinkin?
Little girls lookin up to me, what are they thinkin?
‘Cause I want them to be better than me
Better than that fool they see me act on TV, yea eh

And that’s just the half of it
This is the life I live, yea
Prayin’ to God that I get it right, yea
Oh oh oh

See me on the television airin’ out my dirty linen
You’re entitled to your own opinion
But you shake yo head at my hard decisions
I don’t bother nobody, but they just get it twisted
My heart is filled with love, 
but y’all don’t see that y’all messed it up

Somebody tell me why why why they wanna see me cry?

Leave me alone!
Why can’t they let go?
Leave me alone! Oh
If I could be just left alone, oh
And sing my songs
Just leave me alone
Let me be, yea yea

‘Cause y’all know me
I’m the life of the party
Beautiful people surround me
And I’m always falling in and out of love
Oh you know me, yea
Everybody know that I’m crazy
Sticks and stones won’t ever break me
And I’m the type that don’t give a ****

Stop stop stop hollering
‘Cause you see the half of me

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