Клип Worthwhile - Unlovable

Клип Worthwhile - Unlovable

Worthwhile Unlovable
Worthwhile Unlovable
Worthwhile Unlovable

Текст Песни Worthwhile - Unlovable

Trying to survive in a lonely world.
The peaks are cold, and the valleys low.
Steady rate to dissipate. It all gave way!
City streets and parking lots,
It’s the same old scene in the same old spot.
But when the stars come out, I think right back to home.

That’s me. Well I’m that long last son.
Home is where the heart is. Somewhere I went wrong.
I want back, so bad. I’ve lived, lost, and loved.
The days change, but the patterns stay the same.

Alive! Is what I tell myself.
Cold hands, a heavy heart, sweat on my brow.
Living life like I know how. 
Oh the pain to start home right now.
When this world gets dark like hell,
I try and tell myself, I’m alive and well.

And it feels like I’m in a fistfight for my whole life.
I want to change the world!

What good is it if man gained the 
whole world, but lost his soul?
Unlovable… Come home.

Now I’ll hold my head high. I’ll take it all on.
I’ll let my light shine until glorious dawn.
This fistfight I called my life is now my reason I stay alive.
I’m not fixed, but I’m found.

Breath in. Breathe out.
Stay Strong. It’s what I tell myself.
These scars stay close. They try and remind
To smile back, its in the past, I left it all behind.

I’m loved. I’m alive.

Breath in. Breath out. Stay strong. I tell this to myself.
Breath in. Breath out. I’m loved. I’m alive. 

клип Worthwhile Unlovable

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Worthwhile Unlovable
Worthwhile Unlovable
Worthwhile Unlovable
Worthwhile Unlovable
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