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Trapt - Hollowman

Trapt Hollowman
Trapt Hollowman
Trapt Hollowman

Текст Песни Trapt - Hollowman

I can't remember
The last time you cared about anything
The last time you allowed yourself to be seen
so pretentious your lies unrelenting disguise
Creating tears in your eyes your mind withers and dies
pretending to be something you are not
somewhere in the middle you are now caught
You've never seen who you really are
No life breathes in you
All the time you laugh you wait you cry
No part of your life is true
All the time your life passes you by
I don't ever want to see I don't ever want to be like you,
Hollow Man
I don't care what you give
Hollow man you can't live like this

Your voice is just a whisper
You call upon your blank thoughts as you try
To fit in where you missed her
You missed the chance to stop living a lie

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