Клип The Rasmus - Guilty

The Rasmus - Guilty

The Rasmus Guilty
The Rasmus Guilty
The Rasmus Guilty

Текст Песни The Rasmus - Guilty

I feel guilty
my words are empty
no signs to give you
i don't have the time for you

you say i'm heartless
and you say i don't care
i used to be there for you
and you've said i seem so dead, that i have changed
but so have you

guilty, guilty i feel so
empty, empty you know how to make me feel

i put a shield upon you
i didn't mean to hurt you
i would have only poisoned your mind
never meant to make you cry

you've been so toughtless
i can see right through you
you used to be there for me
so don't you leave say goodbye
cause you have changed but so have i

i never though that the time and the distance
between us made you so much colder
i'll carry the world on my shoulders

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The Rasmus
песня и клип очень шикарны мне нравиться их стиль в жизни все песни у Расмус интересные хотелось бы их увидеть в живую если приелут в нижний новгород
классная песня и клип очень качественный.....с чувством...оно когда то помогло мне,когда мы расстались с парнем.)))

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