Клип T Wayne - Molly Freestyle

T Wayne - Molly Freestyle

T Wayne Molly Freestyle
T Wayne Molly Freestyle
T Wayne Molly Freestyle

Текст Песни T Wayne - Molly Freestyle

It’s the first, of the month
Bitch I got the juice and I ain’t talking bout punch
You other rappers, are annoying
And I’m just kicking shits like I’m punting on the toilet
Nigga I’m from Texas, Forgiatos on the Lexus
No IHOP but I like syrup for my breakfast
Your girl was on my Instagram and you playing detective
Bodybuilding ass nigga, man I swear that I be flexing
Pose for the cam, you can tell I'm photogenic
If I ever said it motherfucker then I meant it
I’m all up in your girl’s mouth I should’ve been a dentist
Man I got a lot of commas like a real long sentence
Got to stay with the sack like a defensive line
I told em when we make it I ain’t leaving 'em behind
Bitch I’m the bomb, I got em thinking I’m a mine
I don’t know sign language but I know dollar signs
Your girl says she love it when I dance
Like nuff, she do it with no hands
I don’t want her unless she bring a couple friends
Like the Eiffel Tower, I’m posted up in France
I got a foreign and a brownskin at the same time
I fell asleep last night and woke up at the airline
I be killing these rappers, I don’t even be trying
I just went on a safari, came back with a lion
Bitch I’m super bad, got me feeling like McLovin
And I’m so hot I mess around and melt the oven
My whole team eating and I swear that we be grubbing
If you ain’t talking money then I ain’t tryna discuss it

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