Клип Sila - Kenar Susu

Клип Sila - Kenar Susu

Sila Kenar Susu
Sila Kenar Susu
Sila Kenar Susu

Текст Песни Sila - Kenar Susu

Kenar s?s? oldum hayat?nda
Yani olmasam da olurdu..
Kaza s?s? de verirdin vefat?ma,
Yoklu?um bo?luk yaratmazd?..
Seni aramamam, sormamam, bakmadan uzakla?mam eminim ?
ok hora ge?ti
Hurdaya ??kt? i?im fark ettin mi hi?e d?nd?m
??r?ye ??r?ye t?kendim
Rezil ettim kendimi
Ona buna a?lad?m
I?imden d?k?ld?n
G?lmeyi unuttum
Kendimi dinlemekten
Hastal?k hastas? oldum senin y?z?nden

I've become a side ornament in your life,
If I wasn't here it wouldn't matter at all.
You'd just give a wreath for my funeral,
My absence wouldn't ever create an emptiness.

Not calling you, not asking about you, leaving without looking back,
I'm sure you enjoyed that.

My soul has worn out, have you noticed I've turned into nothing?
I'm decaying, I'm worn out.

I've put myself to shame,
I've messed things up, I got drunk, I've fallen.
Cried for everyone out there.
You fell out of my heart.
I forgot how to laugh
by listening to myself.
I am ill, just because of you.

I have been fret in your life
I mean It would be ok even if I wasn't
You would say accidental death for my death
My absence wouldn't cause to a vacancy
I don't call you,I don't ask you
I am sure that I don't move away without looking,
I enjoyed very much
Did you notice that my inside has been junked,
I have been nothing
I have come to the end decaying by decaying
I have made myself disgraced
I have lost my control,drunk and fallen down
I have cried for others
You poured from inside me
I have forgotten to smile
I have been hypochondriac because of listening myself,
because of you

клип Sila Kenar Susu

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Sila Kenar Susu
Sila Kenar Susu
Sila Kenar Susu
Sila Kenar Susu
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