Клип Scooter - Hyper Hyper

Клип Scooter - Hyper Hyper

Scooter Hyper Hyper
Scooter Hyper Hyper
Scooter Hyper Hyper

Текст Песни Scooter - Hyper Hyper

Is everybody on the floor?
We put some energy into this place!
I want to ask you something...
are you ready for the sound of Scooter!!?
I want to see you sweat!
I said...I want to see you sweat!!
Hyper! Hyper!
Hyper! Hyper!
Hyper! Hyper!
Excuse me! Where is the bass drum?
We need the bass drum!!!
Come on!
Hyper! Hyper!
Hyper! Hyper!
It's so beautiful to see your hands in the air!
Put your hands in the air!!

Come on!
This is Scooter!
We want to sing a big shout to US,
and to all ravers in the world!
...And to Westbam, Marusha, Steve Mason, 
The Mystic Man, DJ Dick, Carl Cox, The Hooligan,
Cosmic, Kid Paul, Dag,Mike VanDike, 
Jens Lissat, Lenny D., Sven Vath, Mark Spoon,Marco
Zaffarano,... Hell, Paul Elstac, Mate Galic, 
Roland Casper,Sylvie, Miss Djax, Jens
Mahlstedt, Tanith, Laurent Garnier, Special,
Pascal F.E.O.S., Gary D., Scotty, Gizmo,...
And to all DJs all over the World!!
Keep the Vibes...

Hyper! Hyper!
Hyper! Hyper!

Hyper! Hyper!
I'll have to ask you again...
do you like it hardcore!!?

Do you like it hardcore!!?
We need the hardcore!
Come on! Come on! Come on!
Hyper! Hyper!
Sit there. Be good. Bye, Bye!!

клип Scooter Hyper Hyper

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Scooter Hyper Hyper
Scooter Hyper Hyper
Scooter Hyper Hyper
Scooter Hyper Hyper
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