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Moloko - Dominoid

Moloko Dominoid
Moloko Dominoid
Moloko Dominoid

Текст Песни Moloko - Dominoid

I can't control this urge so I risk what I wager
I lost to a chicken shit never was panty sniffer
Got my eye on a cool hand
And I wonder about his dog of a day
Wanted to be a big shot, real hot
Down with the dominoid

Hey, you know calling on instinct, calling the bluff
Telling a tale ten stories high to the operative
I figured the numbers under pressure
I played by the seat of my pants

Then fate it took a twist quietly wily
Faking it waiting for a fluke
Waiting for a sign by now boggle eyed
If I believe I will receive leaning on the everlasting tree
Hanging in the hands of fate
Down with the dominoid
Hey you know, down with the dominoid

We go, I'm no casino casanova with the good luck eyes
It's hard to tell who's friend or foe 
when you go down like the dominoid
One track mind just digging 'til I find
And the gold at the end of the rainbow just keep on going
Though twisted up inside
Her fool heart takes over and jumps on for the ride
Down with the dominoid

Hey you know, I need the roulette to make me forget
Rotating random eyes roll in tandem
Lady looks illusive but I do what I can better a day as a lion
Than a lifetime as a lamb
Down with the dominoid
Down, you know

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