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Текст Песни Molly - Style

Kick it down
I drum it cool rolling

1 Verse:
I finda nice tea staying still no bank bill
I bet u wanna feel skills multiplied on chill
Can u fix hug cuz I wanna make u drown
Down and hereinafter down
This is what u came on for
Come in the middle
I wanna see
I wanna feel
I wanna squeeze
I wanna please
I get on ur knees
I wanna wheeze
Make on the shot cheese
And we dropped the moment right now
Hit in the eyes Chao
We're moving under vow
Click on motion
We are slow motion
We are slow motion
We are slow motion
Click on the motion
We are slow motion
Click it baby 3 times for more
I need ur motion

Giving up giving up style
Rolling up rolling up mile

2 Verse:
One two three I just wanna let it be
Din don into deep I have to work it free
Topless to the water warmer then swarmer
Till dawn I would love to do my promo
I'm giving my style
I wanna dream team working on a chilly blow
Let me go in round
See I'm breaking down or so
Ain't do it half less
Mama's loving bid bad bases
Dragging it dragging it deep
Floating on downstream

клип Molly Style

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