Клип Moby - Machete

Клип Moby - Machete

Moby Machete
Moby Machete
Moby Machete

Текст Песни Moby - Machete

yesterday i felt so cold, i felt like i could die
took the needles from my arms and put them to the sky
watched the cold come take me pull me down like i did know
i saw it gone

hold myself up til tomorrow holds me down again
feel the darkness coming over see how it begins
come with me into the willow garden out tonight
feel the darkness come my moon will touch you with its light

help me life was over love i want to had you in my sights
see and i was overlooked i had you in my hands
like a lid of no survivors nothing i don't mind
help me broken baby help me break you with my mind.

клип Moby Machete

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Moby Machete
Moby Machete
Moby Machete
Moby Machete
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