Клип Lil Dicky - Russell Westbrook On a Farm

Клип Lil Dicky - Russell Westbrook On a Farm

Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm
Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm
Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm

Текст Песни Lil Dicky - Russell Westbrook On a Farm

Ain’t no doubt about it shit is coming
And I’m just praying that Lil Dicky love it
Always told myself that this the type of shit I wanted
I was being honest, even made a promise
Not with anybody else, this was inner conscious
Talking to my fucking self, das a little bonkers
I know, I still got a lot of shit to conquer
I hope, that ain't even ma concern tho
You know I’ll be working till I get what I deserve
Whatever totems I get personally you know I’ma earn those
This ain't even bout some shit up on a checklist
This about the fact that I’m about to test this
I’m about to figure out what ma best is
I can't avoid it because now ya boy invested
And I ain't gotta a choice except to smile and accept it
Pretty reckless, pretty restless cuz
I’ve lived my life expecting love
To come the second my attempt was done
And yea I guess to some extent 
I was correct because I’m getting buzz
But now I’m bout to be ubiquitous, look it up
Yeah, or that’s at least what I’m assuming
But as alluded to reality is looming and
Now ya dude about to make a move and take the truth
And hope to god that when he through
That what he thought about is proven
But honestly im not afraid that it’s delusion
I’m hot enough to where I know it’s not illusion
But obviously I been finding this confusing
This ain’t even close to what I thought I would be doing
Don’t get me wrong, I was born to be big
But I always figured it would be the comedy things
So I started rapping just to see what drama it brings
What big dogs from sitcoms would hollerat me
And as the time past, I rhymed faster, lines crafted
Was high class as I mastered my craft and
Goddamn, who’da thought it get like this
Back in 2010 music wouldn’t make that list
I’m talking top 5-10 strengths, wit no winks
I would not lie, ma pen dry, wit no ink
Or…that’s at least what I thought
Till I clawed and scratched the pen till I saw a line draw
Then I coulda let bygones be bygones
But I really wanted to rhyme till ma line drawn
Like where the fuck is ma peak at
Not Brown but I make it pop, then I beat that
Not crowned yet, but I don’t think I decreed that
Not loud, but you know I’m ready to tweet that
I just really hope I’m ready to be that
Now you seeing where D’s at
Cuz even tho I’m softer than a tissue 
I ain't nothing to sneeze at
I’m smarter, where fuck ya degrees at
And I ain't harder but I’m hotter homie, 
where da fuck ya degrees at
I’m bout to come in and desaturate
The chic rap today
And evaporate
The feedback I hate
I’ll elaborate
At a later date
But I’m getting off the point with the player hate
What the fuck was I saying, oh_yeah
I’m kind of a slave
To my ambition, I ain't quittin till ma shit is appraised
And I admit it, I predict that where I finish is crazy
But that just means that it’s further away
So…Burd about to work until he turn in his grave
It’s really burdensome when earning something’s fun for the day
But I’m concerned about da burning out from upping the stakes
I’m always uppin the steaks
I’m taking dinner meetings in New York, 
always up for the steaks
We exploring the discussion of great
They assuring me that when I’m more elite
I’ll be secure and amazed
But this isn’t insecurity mayn…
Like this the opposite of that, confidence in fact
Ma biggest problem is I can't honestly relax
Because inside of me a damn odyssey enacts
And I made a promise that 
I can't be the body that’s stopping it

Think I need a lobotomy
Lil dicky the prophecy
Little bit of anomaly, 
not a commodity, not a façade, or a lotta
Da Comedy prodigies commonly brought up wit Dicky
Feelin weird, lemme think of an analogy
Just imagine for a second what 
if Russell Westbrook never knew his own mentality
Grew up on a farm where the biggest commonality
Was people that conform to the ruralest localities
To Russell though it was nuffin but normality
And he really nice up on the plow in actuality
Everybody liked the kid and dug his personality
And so da mutuality was somewhat rationality
So then ya man made a plan of practicality
Not even a plan, it was more of a formality
Get a little land and attend to its vitality
Then raise a little fam till it all became finality
The strategy was just to stay in the course
And do ya chores, when ya happy you ain't need to abort
Never explored nothing less he rollin round on his horse
Then one day he was up on his horse
That’s when he went past the porch
The path he normally passes forth
Was fast and short, was after more
Went faster north, amassed a lure
To master more…and then discovered the court
He like yaaa…let me down Tim
Hopped off, lookin puzzled at the round rim
Saw a ball up in the corner on the ground then
Russell started dribbling and giggling astounded
Then he shot a brick and then a brick and then he downed it
And when he hit it Russell listened to the fuckin sound friction
Up in a swish make and he was confounded
Because he knew that he had found him
But right now, it was still for the fun
Just a way to kill the time when the farming was done
Then the walking turned to running, 
and the hoppin turned to jumping
And dunking, and Russell had to 
keep coming because the young’n was fucking
Disgusting and loving it, running it, 
all of a sudden the public started to come
In abundance and fuck wit him, 
cuz he was butter and hungry, hung jury
Cuz stories of glory not normally for people like him
Then the word got around up to ESPN
And they flying Russell down to compete in the gym
Bunch a grown men lookin to belittle the kid
Because to those men, ball was the reason to live
And the GOATS they been all in since they was kids
So this goat owning mafucka look like a dick
And even know Russell knows that, he doesn’t submit
He just chills wit a grin
And then the game start, and this muthafucka take charge
Make it rain, hard D up on these bitches making children of men
Lookin better than his predecessors ever could get
Turned the animosity to respect
And then the Thunder called him
Said they heard a lot about the ballin
Told him that they wanna get involved and
Showed him all the shit that 
you can get up in the league, it’s so appalling
Oklahoma City in the autumn, hella pretty
Awesome, errbody laud him
Erry bitty lookin like they really fucking fallin
Condominium is so legitimate it’s sprawling
And this muthafucka on the court straight ballin
Cash all up in that ass
Lol’ing at the past like, where the fuck would 
I be at up on the other path
If I never stumbled pon the
game then think of that life

Shit, who taking care of ma farm?
Who taking care of ma farm?
Who taking care of ma farm?
I really loved that farm…uh

500 million now that’s a pound cake
According to Jay Z, and Drake…
But greatness ain’t about cake

клип Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm

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Отличный клип Lil Dicky - Russell Westbrook On a Farm и песня Russell Westbrook On a Farm группы Lil Dicky
Lil Dicky
Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm
Lil Dicky Russell Westbrook On a Farm
Отличный клип Lil Dicky - Russell Westbrook On a Farm и песня Russell Westbrook On a Farm группы Lil Dicky
Lil Dicky

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