Клип Lasgo - Over You

Lasgo - Over You

Lasgo Over You
Lasgo Over You
Lasgo Over You

Текст Песни Lasgo - Over You

You know i don't need your love
Cause it was never true
Can't you see I've had enough
I`m already over you

The world get's dark
But I'm not coming home tonight
Too late to talk, I'd rather be alone
Then caught in a fight

You can't change what you've done,
And sorry is not enough
Now i see you'll never be,
Wat i was dreaming off

Don't act so cool,
There's nothing you can't say or do
You're such a fool, if you think i will stay
One minute with you

Boy I know what you've done,
Still I won't shed a tear
You can pray all you want,
But it won't keep me here

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