Клип Jay Burna - Ventin

Jay Burna - Ventin

Jay Burna Ventin
Jay Burna Ventin
Jay Burna Ventin

Текст Песни Jay Burna - Ventin

And this is what I call ventin'
My partner ..and go get it
told me look and hear me and do me better
now every thought is private and .. new chatter
screaming fly how you niggas lose fellows
don't nobody wanna stack but nobody wanna shine
I put in work like in the only that I ground
..the ocean tryin tryin get a better vybe
Do I always ... I ain't suicide is just a though that I confide
A man ain't human if he never cry
Don't lack of my emotions just ..don't ..
Almost losing my parents and got ..
and try to tell the .. make me feel like a ..we call love
what about the ..and death yeah I pay enough
you can't trust my nigga know your name
and put it in your game
'cause all I wanna know is how you really do your thing

Couple ..homies tryin to .. looser .. hard on me
.. diplomatic
But it's hard to be ..music ..neevr feel.. lonely .. beef
My cousin die f*ck your .. so tell me what that bullshit mean
But mum ..accent .. crazy with the progress
I miss you nigga ..greatness, try to remain humble ..
...Life is what you make it ...
Walk it on the road and make you feel ..you learn
So please don't disturb me ..
Can't blame about lot of real ..is crazy hoe these kids ..
The music is the reason
It feels like a religion
This .. is . name
My legacy will pull up my veins and this is ventin'
And this is what I call ventin'
And this is what I call ventin' 

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