Клип Hail Mary Mallon - Jonathan

Hail Mary Mallon - Jonathan

Hail Mary Mallon Jonathan
Hail Mary Mallon Jonathan
Hail Mary Mallon Jonathan

Текст Песни Hail Mary Mallon - Jonathan

Hurt feelings are bound to happen 
just bliss out and fantasize a lot and wear rainbows
(Do that shit)

[Aesop Rock]
Every couple summers, me and a couple hunters
Like to row in from the isle of astonishing motherfuckers

[Rob Sonic]
Machines cleaner than three marines mothers rooms
Came in peace but leaving with keys to your VW

[Aesop Rock]
Needle-nosed pliers and a paragon of level design
These are the weapons of bedeviling times
If the medicine chest temper like a towny come untethered
To a busker with a twenty minute "Downeaster Alexa" cover

[Rob Sonic]
I didn't start the fire but I plan to
Dance around it naked with pagans, leggings, and pan-flutes
Shampoo, hairspray, hustler friends
Eat shit, die like it's just for men

[Aesop Rock]
Most illinest, toast the mutineer of the year
I'm a bum, my motherfucking beard has a beard

[Rob Sonic]
Hot stepper, leper with measurements all wrong
I'm a beast, my motherfucking dog got a dog

[Aesop Rock]
I'm sorry, deeper in the polygons
Radical brats compare teeth on the promenade
Mans worst friend, tragedy prone
Skirting a neverending exodus from Madame Tussauds
He's an immediate threat, speaking nefarious tongues
Reeking of variant faith, drinking that heresy punch
I play defender at the center for the never enough
You called it losing my way, I called it leveling up

[Rob Sonic]
Up up ante, Danny riding through the west wing
Big wheel bloody, fuzzy images of dead twins
Cuff links, button-up, sloppy coat, no hat
Satan's mother, twisted sister, brothers Grimm and ghost dad
Number six throwback, Mickey Mantle Upper Deck
Jackknife pegasus to basic bitches rubberneck
Pinky swear, bible belt, o-ring on his spider bite
Flat rate to the city if you iffy gypsies ride or die

[Aesop Rock]
Salt in his wounds (check) Rice in his stomach (check)
Price on his head (check) Lice in his mullet (check)

[Rob Sonic]
Head on a stake, feet gracing the ottoman
Sweaty bandanna, come meet the amazing Jonathan

[Aesop Rock]
Hi Jonathan, meet the amazing Hollow Man
Turn a snow globe into a lava lamp
Backyard, black marshmallows on his olive branch
Dressed up like an evil villain dressed up like a soccer dad

[Rob Sonic]
Mallon, we don't plan it
Skull tats, banshee bunk in a bone hammock
Drunk from its own damage, sell 'cuz it's well made
Ducks that are both sitting and standing at Hells gate

[Aesop Rock]
Girl, you smell great

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