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GWAR - Saddam A Go Go

GWAR Saddam A Go Go
GWAR Saddam A Go Go
GWAR Saddam A Go Go

Текст Песни GWAR - Saddam A Go Go

I at the time was a communist
Lived on a collective farm
She was a part-time anarchist
Our sex went off like a bomb
Living the life of a terrorist
Looking for the man Saddam,
Who gave me a gun as Iran to the sun
If you die like a dog then you are
then you are

They shall drown in their own blood!
Hail Saddam a go-go!

Going to Saddam a go-go
Everybody is there
Business of strange bed fellows
Makes you dance around like a bear
Ein, Schwein, kick him in the eye
Teamed up with the Asian eye
They were the ones
Who could rise with the sun
As they lived in their planes
And they died [repeat a lot!]
How they died...

The running paper tiger chases its own tail
Hail Saddam a go-go

He was someone who was there for people like me
Hi there Saddam, loved the party
Yes they're all here with me
Bloody Saddam
Loves you always, always a kick
Bloody Saddam
Even though the smell is making me sick
As we sit on our roofs
And cheer as your scuds fall like rain

Here at the ancient ziggaraunt
Saddam is presiding there
Running around with a saxophone
Where is the president, where?
Here it comes, the black tornado
Let's have a cheer for Sarajevo
If you survive what falls out of his mind
You'll make the political world

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