Клип CES Cru - Sound Bite

Клип CES Cru - Sound Bite

CES Cru Sound Bite
CES Cru Sound Bite
CES Cru Sound Bite

Текст Песни CES Cru - Sound Bite

Ces, Yeah, Yeah

[Verse 1: Godemis]
Paint my face now you're hearin' a clown right?
The flow's Tyson, livin' fear in the sound bite
What the fuck y'all want, with a nigga with no marbles
Put hearts in a jar then swallow the whole jarful
Blind marksman in a ghillie suit, let off
With a grunt, while I'm murderin' mini troops
They're miniature, many troops in need of a medic,
they better wrap gauze
I'm a heretic and never pray to a rap god
I fling blood on a door, whisper prayers in reverse
Cast curse sling blood on a whore
Slap the fuck out the Deacon, he's reachin' for that book
Set the pages to flames, your lord is a lame, look
I'ma invert the crucifix, feast on a virgin
Work the word in, use ribs for toothpicks
My Strange family crew's loose knit
The radio don't even give us no play and we don't give two shits
Jason Deevil, define his rhyming illegal
While he's takin' warning shots out the eye of an iron eagle
Wavy, I battle goons, you mad at whom, you outta tune
But I ain't worried, they versed me inside a padded room

[Verse 2: Ubiquitous (Godemis)]
My vibe humming it come from inside a dying sun
Add it to the Saturn moons, Pythagoras find a sum
(Living by the sword, my strict diet is by the gun
Claiming they not pussy but wet as vagina comes)
I'm comin' fresh off the bus, big trees on my brain
Run up in the spot, eyes freeze on my frame
They looking I ain't trying to duck
See what the club cooking up
Bad bitch, heaven sent, hellbent on hooking up
In the back of the venue, she putting pressure on me
No matter how much she push, it's never gon be
I swear this lifestyle was never for me
I swear to the god of war, I'll never tour free
Now I'm swimming in dirty women, let me backstroke
I could leave it to beave or be the Eddie Haskell
Damn, now I'm coming off like a petty asshole
But it's better than buyin' beers for Betty Bashful
Hah, What I'm trying to see is some steady cash flow
Rain down parade style, confetti with flag flown
I'm on a float flying, with dope sinus
Sniffing out the lames, I came with co-signage
Flame, thrown by him my game, Kobe Bryant
If they don't know why, they can blame the flow
I ain't afraid to show, shine in my chain
Frankly a fraction of what you'd find in my brain
Lion to tame, eye on the game
Watching my environment change

[Verse 3: Godemis (Ubiquitous)]
Where many have passed on, only have remained
Livewire the game, prolly kick a hole in ya brain
If we spinning out of control, ya know I'm rolling a plane
Ces so entertain (ing), Never sick with the Gan (grene)
Think it could be so wonderful, run with the A (team)
I bet you sweating bullets from under the ray (beam)
Cause my penis and my pistol do sorta the same (thing)
You full of faith, fearful of shit that you ain't seen
Fans are repping Ces from here in the middi to Beijing
(Is the sandman comin' to give me a daydream?)
Putting y'all under the dirt and we getting away clean
(I stay in tune with karma, 
and bare the weight like I'm movin' in water
Illuminati's an illusion now use a comma
Show me a rap god, Tutankhamun is too uncommon
Pompeii when I'm busting, I'm spewing lava
And you ain't gotta ask why it works, or backslide your words
All you gotta know is we both back, dying of thirst
Every session is blessed, I'm baptizing the verse
You better hold ya breath when you pass by the church
Uh, I put my people on Jack Ryan alert
Please pacify the perp in the back buying the shirt
Our core fans bumping this track riding to work
Mature fans classy as yours, we going worldwide
Really we only came for packing the floor, man
That girl fly but she's macking the doorman
After the show it's back to the tour van
Back Packed full of clothes, I'm back on the road)

клип CES Cru Sound Bite

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Отличный клип CES Cru - Sound Bite и песня Sound Bite группы CES Cru
CES Cru Sound Bite
CES Cru Sound Bite
Отличный клип CES Cru - Sound Bite и песня Sound Bite группы CES Cru

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