Клип C.C. Catch - Silence

C.C. Catch - Silence

C.C. Catch Silence
C.C. Catch Silence
C.C. Catch Silence

Текст Песни C.C. Catch - Silence

Silence in my heart
I knew that everything slipped away
Silence in the night
I never Thought
It got to be this way

The memories
are running deeper in
within my concious mind
Am I still causing pain
Sometimes I wish
the day will go away
'cause only time can heal
endless sufferings caused

life's been tough
and I've had enough
There's nobody that can bring me down
The power up to love
showed me the way

Silence in my heart...
but I'm getting stronger
Silence in the night...
and nothing's gonna stop me

Now I have learnt
to be what I want to be
and express my point of view
Answer lives miles apart you
It feels so good
now that I understood
just to live my dream
and fulfill my desire

Life's been tough....


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