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Brisco - Goon Music

Brisco Goon Music
Brisco Goon Music
Brisco Goon Music

Текст Песни Brisco - Goon Music

[Verse 1]
All I wanted was a big Benz
To ride my friends in
A pretty girl, with no curfew, and some thick skin
A new outfit, to get dressed and slip in
No im not slippin
I got my girlfriend
She ridin by my side till the world end

And right before it do
I thank the lord for my courage
And I promise if I cheat:
Lets go Brisk!

I is!
I couldn't stop nor switch gears!
I switch chicks, like I switch pills
And I been doin this a couple years
I cry so much, I could fill a bucket up wiith tears

So please tell me:
If you dont you's a hata
Its all good, i'll pray for ya
Keep talkin, theres a place for ya

I gave my all to this goon life
And all I got was fast money and Ice
Lets Proceed: Street Medicine

[Verse 2]
You are lookin at the article of hard work
That if succeeds, got me twisted every concert
Real niggas recognize, so we convese
See I be bumpin in they Donks every verse
Now listen:

That fie weed get stuck in my backwood
Had a little more, to make sure its packfull
I'm so consistent, I'm so gifted
I should've been born on Christmas
Je-sus, be born with privildges
I did it to benefit the hood and little ones
I never look down or ever try to belittle them
Nor my siblings, why bicker?
I'm just tryna do BIGGER

And I look intense to help me
My thin ass gotta make all these niggas respect me
So I'm just out fuckin the world
Bustin nuts, tryna have a little girl
Keep going Brisk! Yeaaa!

[Verse 3]
If I ain't the best, what you call us?
Nothin to loose but my voice, so im allin!
Its like I had no other choice, this music was my callin
On the edge tryna keep myself from fawlin
Compare me to your favorite artist
Had this reign of greatness that im embarkin!

It stands no chance!
I won't take pay, 360 deal or advance
FUCK EM! I'd rather wait in line
And me and these cats go and do our time

I know they claim that diamonds dont tarnish
Under Louis-Faton garmets!

I Promise!
When I bring it home!
I'mma drop dad off and put another nigga on!
Thats just the method of, showin another goon how to do it!

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