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Blue - I Can

Blue - I Can

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"I Can"

You were the eyes in the face of fortune
I lost my way and I couldn't find you
Oh, oh no
We're not the first ones to be divided
Won't be the last to be reunited
Oh no(Oh no)

It's like rain falling down
Drops of pain hit the ground
I can't speak
There's no sound when you're gone
(Yeah, come on)

I can
I willI know
I can untie these hands
And get backup again(oh-ho)
I can
I will
I know
I can untie these hands
And get backup again

I can
I can
(Get back up again)

I have never lost anything quite like this
No second chances if I don't fit in
No (no)
Oh no(oh no)

You closed the door and you kept on walking
Left me behind and there's no more talking
Oh no
Oh no

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