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Жемчуг - Hero

Жемчуг - Hero

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Жемчуг - Hero

A regular story
Indefinite time
Your stefelen sorry
You search for a sign
You look for a meaning
Give up to the blues
But there is a feeling
You just can't loose

I'm very bad, you won't be regret... Bla-bla-bla

I call you a hero
We run for the ride
To find it by zero
Still ready to fight
I call you a hero
You finely deside
You make an agree...yeah?..
You still make it right

Your day is your easer
Your naught is your game
There is always a reason
Don't stay the same

Switch on mutual
Switch on your drive
You mood on your future
You mood on your life

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Жемчуг Hero
Жемчуг Hero
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