Клип ТНМК - Grains

Клип ТНМК - Grains

ТНМК Grains
ТНМК Grains
ТНМК Grains

Текст Песни ТНМК - Grains

In a dance Red Indians churning
Winter ended first thing in the morning
Churning circles, dancing circles, one, two
In which case I’m turned Red Indian or into

I am intrigued, excited, I am very near
If I strain my ear, maybe I can hear
Someone. I’m breathing in the scent
Witches in the forest where no one went

I am intrigued: does fire make you strong or weak?
Do bear skins keep you warm in midwinter bleak?
What were they afraid of, what were they waiting for
What their secret hopes were, then, after, long before

How’s wigwam treating you on a score of one to ten?
What’s Mum making for dinner? What’s hunting your old man?
My brain is floating in frustration
For I am lacking information

Melting like the grains of ice we’ve become
Drops of winter looking for outcome

In their dens bears waking from sleep, every and each
Spring’s arrived at last and removed the siege
That’s me - keenly looking up with my bear eyes
What are those shapes floating in the skies?

I’m intrigued to know it all: what, where and when?
How did I find food for thought over in my den?
Then the spell’s broken; picture goes grainy
Yes? Or am I dreaming? You will have to tell me.

Look up – migrating birds coming back again
How do they know which way to take to come to homeland
How do they fight their winter sorrow if it still remains
Looking down is just for god, do they realise that

When you’re flying high, who do you think you are?
And how can you know you’ve got all your power?
What else is there to dream of when your wings are spread?
What’re you feeling now? Delirium or dread?

What just then was snow turned watery footprints
If they’d talked, they’d witness: snow, water, since
I’d have time to ask what future holds for us
Of those who had come from where it all begins

The spring needs just a sign, and then it will begin
But does it mean to wait, what for, what does it mean?
My brain is floating in frustration
For I am lacking information

клип ТНМК Grains

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ТНМК - Grains и песня Grains группы ТНМК
Отличный клип ТНМК - Grains и песня Grains группы ТНМК

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