Клип Рефлекс - Hold Me

Клип Рефлекс - Hold Me

Рефлекс Hold Me
Рефлекс Hold Me
Рефлекс Hold Me

Текст Песни Рефлекс - Hold Me

I am dancing tonight; make the feeling come true
Moving on in the light; expressing love to you.
I was blind to find, passing feeling through.
Were made for each other… I love you.

Please dont be afraid; look into my eyes.
Youre the best in my life; you are my paradise.
Our love is a right way; let the dream come true.
Were made for each other… I love you.

Hold me in your arms
We always be together.
Hold me in your arms
Our love will last forever.
Hold me in your arms
We never be apart.
Hold me tight in your arms
Youre in my heart.

Were together like one, going on very strong.
Well rise… high; please dont think too long.
I was lucky to find you; I stay with you.
Were made for each other... I love you. 

клип Рефлекс Hold Me

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Рефлекс Hold Me
Рефлекс Hold Me
Рефлекс Hold Me
Рефлекс Hold Me
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